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Avid Fit® Hygiene Handpiece

Avid Fit® Disposable Prophy Angle

Introducing the newest and most advanced disposable prophy angle on the market! The Avid Fit® DPA is a newly patented design. It allows a smoother rotation reducing the vibrations felt while performing a prophylaxis. This reduction equals less risk of musculoskeletal issues caused by repetitive daily vibrations.

The Avid Fit® DPA comes in three brilliant cup colors and features a modified webbing on the paste cup. The modified webbing allows for optimal flare when polishing to catch plaque just below the gumline.

You can use this new prophy angle on any low speed hygiene handpiece that has a standard nose cone. But you have to try it on the new Avid Fit® Hygiene Handpiece! When coupled with the Avid Fit® Hygiene Handpiece, the Avid Fit® DPA creates a "prophylaxis system" that optimizes line of sight and accessibility for the best prophy possible!

Does not contain natural rubber latex

The Avid Fit® Mini Cup is designed for little ones. Small mouths and tiny teeth need special attention. Polish more efficiently by using the whole cup! No more worries that an oversized cup will hurt tissue.
It's soft and gentle ... it's Mini!

Does not contain natural rubber latex


Contains Xylitol and 1.23% Fluoride Ion.

Available in Mint, Cherry, and Bubble Gum

Various Grits

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